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OPENING WEEKEND at Big Surf is (almost) HERE!🌊

You heard that right! Big Surf Waterpark is opening THIS WEEKEND (May 29th) and we can't wait to be your summer headquarters for fun, yet again! As the best waterpark in mid-Missouri , we pride ourselves on creating a fun, clean, and safe place for families to spend the summer months. Check out some of the awesome rides and attractions that await when you visit our Lake of the Ozarks waterpark ! THRILLING RIDES: Challenger Flumes Race and rush down dueling 300 feet water slides into a waiting 3-foot-deep catchpool. The yellow & orange flume’s open above, and the blue flume twists and turns in covered darkness. Space Bowl The first of its kind in the US, our Space Bowl drops you from a sweet, swift slide into a 30-ft wide bowl that spins you ‘round and ‘round until you drop into an 8 foot deep catch pool. Zambezi Falls An exhilarating three story drop down the Lake’s Largest Half Pipe full of rushing water. Cross your feet, put your chin to your chest, hold tight, and scream –