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💦What's Your FAVORITE Ride?💦

Are you dreaming about a warm summer day? We are too! To help get you through the cold winter ahead, we decided to feature some of our Lake of the Ozarks waterpark rides. Here at Big Surf Waterpark , we want to know which ride or attraction is your FAVORITE. In the meantime, take a look at the description of each attraction - you never know - you may learn about a new ride to try out this upcoming season! Zambezi Falls An exhilarating three-story drop down the Lake’s Largest Half Pipe full of rushing water. Cross your feet, put your chin to your chest, hold tight, and scream – LOUDLY! Challenger Flumes Race and rush down dueling 300 feet water slides into a waiting 3-foot-deep catch pool. The yellow flume’s open above, and the blue flume twists and turns in covered darkness. Wave Pool The Lake’s Other Giant Body of Water! Our 375,000-gallon pool generates waves up to three feet tall. Relax in the shallow area or grab a tube and hit the deeper end to ride the tides every