Reasons to Bring Your Team to Big Surf this Summer

Big Surf Waterpark is the place to be this summer! Whether it's treating your employees or celebrating with your sports team, a group outing at Big Surf is time well spent. We have fantastic group rates and can create a custom day of everything you could possibly need for your team outing. Check out our Lake of the Ozark group outing details:

Encourage Team Environment

A team that plays together stays together and having a group outing at Big Surf is the perfect way to play! From Challenger Flumes to the Wave Pool to the Lazy River, there are a ton of thrilling and relaxing attractions within our waterpark. There is truly something for everyone on your team to enjoy!

Make Team Feel Appreciated

Employees will give so much more effort when they feel appreciated. An outing with their families is a fantastic way to make your team feel special and feel like their work is truly appreciated!

Build Team Morale

When your employees are treated to fun outing and spend time with one another, they work as a better team. This kind of teamwork is unbeatable in the workplace and makes your business a safer and more productive place. 

Improve Productivity

When an employee feels appreciated and has a great time with co-workers, they are more likely to put in extra effort when they are at work. That means your team will be more productive -- a win-win!

Get Family Involved

When you spread the team outing to the family, you deepen the reward for your employees. Family is likely a top priority for most of your team and treating not only your employee but their families, as well can really make a difference when it comes to loyalty. 

What are you waiting for? Start planning your team outing at the Lake of the Ozarks. Big Surf can accommodate teams of all sizes and we can't wait to help you treat the team that works so hard for you!

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