We've Got Your Hook Up for Christmas Gifts!🎁

The gift of experience is one that will last for years to come as you make new memories with your experience! The best waterpark in mid-Missouri is the perfect place to have amazing experiences with your crew! From friends to family, everyone will love visiting Big Surf Waterpark this summer. Check out the TWO ways you can secure an amazing gift for that kiddo in your life:

Season Pass Sale:

Get unlimited access to the park in 2021 for only $82.99 from November 20th through December 25th. These are amazing gifts for grandparents and parents to give the special kids in their life!

Single Day Pass Sale:

A single day pass is only $22 from December 2nd through December 25th! These are the perfect gift for stocking stuffers, friends, or that special kiddo in your life!

What Rides Can You Ride with Your Pass? Check them out:

Race Down Challenger Flumes

Adrenaline junkies LOVE Challenger Flumes! Race and rush down dueling 300 feet water slides into a waiting 3-foot-deep catchpool. Which slide is faster? The debate is still out but maybe you can help us test it out and solve the debate!

Bump Down The Rapids

Whirl and twirl your way down the white water rapids at Big Surf. Start this ride on either the big yellow slide or down below in the first catch pool for a kinder, gentler experience. End up making a big splash in the 3-foot-pool at the end of the rapids.

Relax on the Lazy River

On the Lazy River, 600 feet has never felt like such a long, relaxing trip! Our lazy river winds through about half the park as kids of all ages enjoy soaking up the sun at a snail’s pace. You won’t want to get out – trust us! It takes about five minutes to float completely around the river… once! Math students? How many trips, then, does it take to spend half a lazy day in Lazy River?

Fly Down Zambezi Falls

One of Big Surf's most popular rides, Zambezi Falls gives riders a RUSH! An exhilarating three story drop down the Lake’s Largest Half Pipe full of rushing water. Cross your feet, put your chin to your chest, hold tight, and scream – LOUDLY!

Explore Tropical Splash Island

A zero-entry pool suited for younger children – with water levels ranging from just six to 18 inches – that includes a water teeter-totter, bikes, squirting animals, tipping toucans, a couple mini-slides and lots and lots of room to splash and play! It's the perfect spot for our little surfers to enjoy time at the park!

Whirl Around Space Bowl

The Space Bowl is one of the most unique rides at the park! The first of its kind in the US, our Space Bowl drops you from a sweet, swift slide into a 30-ft wide bowl that spins you ‘round and ‘round until you drop into an 8 foot deep catch pool.

Ride Around in the Wave Pool

The Wave Pool is a fan favorite at Big Surf. It's known as the Lake’s Other Giant Body of Water! Our 375,000-gallon pool generates waves up to three feet tall. Relax in the shallow area or grab a tube and hit the deeper end to ride the tides every 10 minutes.

Play Around the Activity Pool

Imagine if your best friend had the coolest backyard swimming pool ever. That would be this. A 4-foot-deep pool with free swimming allowed that features a crazy lily pad bridge, a basketball goal, and two swift body slides.

What are you waiting for? Save big on a season pass or a single day pass and give an amazing gift to those in your life. Don't miss out on the amazing opportunity to give the gift of experience to your friends or family this Christmas. Be a gift-giving all-star this year & purchase your Big Surf season pass or single day pass today!

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