☀️Treat Your Team to a Day at Big Surf!๐ŸŒŠ

Big Surf Waterpark is a fantastic spot for group outings at the Lake of the Ozarks! There's something exciting for every age. Many companies choose to treat their team and their families to an outing and it really can boost morale around the office! We're featuring some of the perks of hosting a group outing at Big Surf Waterpark for your employees:

Benefits of Treating Employees to a Group Outing:

Build Morale with Your Team
Company culture and moral are two of the most important factors for creating a pleasant work environment for employees. Group outings and fun activities can build this kind of thriving environment with your team.

Strengthen Team Bond
Spending quality time with other employees can help create a sense of community among your team. This type of comradery will make it's way back to the workplace, which means a lot of good things for your company!

Help Employees Feel Appreciated
When an employee feels appreciated, they are much happier and even eager to go above and beyond in the workplace. Showing your appreciation through a group outing can really make your team feel special and like their work matters.

Boost Productivity
After a bonding experience, like a group outing, you may notice your team working better together. A team that can work more cohesively will likely be much more productive in the workplace. It's a fantastic side effect of a group outing for your team!

Increase Employee Longevity
A team that plays together, stays together! When employees do extra activities around each other, they really strengthen their relationships with one another. This factor alone can help employees stay with your company longer than they may otherwise.

Group Outings at Big Surf: 

At Big Surf Waterpark, we can provide group outings with a difference that will be sure to make a huge splash! We cater to churches, companies, family reunions, sports teams, and all sorts of other organizations including clubs and associations.  Or just grab your kids and neighbors – as long as you have fifteen or more people (not including babies 3 and under or active duty military) – we have a group rate for you!

Groups of 15 or more visiting at the same time can take advantage of special discounted admission pricing. Please give us a 24-hour notice by calling (573) 346-6111 and asking for our group sales department.

The key word is choice, and the choice is yours. But be warned: there’s an awful lot to consider. We will help you plan a unique experience that is tailor-made to your tastes and requirements. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to be memorable!

Now's the perfect time to plan your late summer outing for your employees. After a crazy time we're all working through, this is a fantastic way to build up that morale around your office, again! Contact our mid-MO waterpark today to book your outing this summer.

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