Top 5 Reasons Experiences Make the Best Gifts

Are you still racking your brain for gift ideas for those kids (and adults) on your list? Our waterpark at the Lake of the Ozarks knows it can be tough to find unique ideas that will actually be appreciated and used. That's what this week's blog is all about! We think the gift of experience is becoming more and more popular (and more and more important). Check out some of the reasons Big Surf Waterpark thinks experiences make the best gifts for everyone on your list!

1) Get Excited About a Future Event

Everyone loves to have something fun to look forward to! Giving an experience can help your gift recipient do just that -- look forward to a future date. The excitement around an experience based gift can grow and grow as the big day approaches.

2) Reduce the Clutter

Kids have tons of toys strung around the house and piles of laundry to match. They likely don't need any more of either (and their parents would love to have less to clean up each day)! Help reduce the clutter by giving the gift of experience instead of a tangible item. Toys get played with for a few days but then get pushed to the side and start collecting dust. Give a gift that will actually be used this holiday season!

3) Get Adventurous

New experiences help a child grow and can provide the perfect learning and growing opportunity for any child on your list. Even if it's just getting out and getting adventurous at a waterpark, it's an impactful way to teach your child many lessons, while they're having fun!

4) Make New Memories

Memories last a lifetime. Help your gift recipient create new memories with friends and family to last for many, many years to come. More impactful and lasting memories will be made doing and experiencing something new, versus staying home and playing with a new toy.

5) Appreciate the Gift More than Once

Your gift can actually be enjoyed more than once when it's an experience. The day your gift is opened, it's adored. The days leading up to the experience are filled with joy and anticipation. The day your experience gift is used, you'll be appreciated again! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Now that you've learned more about the perks of giving the gift of experience, you're ready to make your selections! Lucky for you, the best waterpark in mid-Missouri is here with our best prices of the year on single day passes to Big Surf Waterpark. Snag your day passes now through Christmas for only $20 per pass! This is a great discount and will be a gift your recipient is sure to love (and actually use)!

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