SAFETY FIRST! - Rules and Regulations for your Next Visit to Big Surf!😎

The safety of your family is of utmost importance to Big Surf Waterpark. While we are the best place for family-friendly entertainment at the Lake of the Ozarks, we pride ourselves on providing a safe place for your family to gather. Take a look below to check out our safety regulations and rules to create a safe place for all of your summer fun!

Learn more about the Biggest, Fastest, Funnest, SAFEST, Cleanest, Number One-en-est Family Fun at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Rules and Safety

For your safety and peace of mind, Big Surf employs professionally certified lifeguards trained in the most current water safety and lifesaving techniques.

We have an emergency first-aid station situated inside the park which allows us to handle almost all medical situations that arise inside the park. However, much like the “no running in the house” laws of your childhood home, we do have some rules and guidelines. Take a look below to learn more:

Safety Rules

No running! Children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult.
You must be at least 48” tall to ride the Space Bowl and Zambezi Falls.
Height, weight and health restrictions are strictly enforced.
Non-swimmers should be accompanied by an adult who can swim.
Face masks that cover the nose are not allowed.
No running or diving is allowed anywhere in the park.
We reserve the right to disallow individuals access to rides which we may deem to be unsafe for them due to their age, size or other physical limitations.
Infant’s diapers must be changed in restroom changing stations only.
Swim diapers must be used for all children who are not yet potty-trained.
Please obey the instructions of the park staff at all times.
It is recommended that guests less than 48″ tall and those who are not confident in their swimming abilities use life vests, a limited number of which are available free of charge in the park.
Only U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal life vests are permitted in Big Surf Waterpark.

General Rules

No coolers, food, beverages or glass containers are allowed to be brought into the park.
Smoking is permitted ONLY in the gravelled area above the wavepool.
Do not wear eyeglasses or jewelry in pools as they may not be retrievable if lost during operation.
Line jumping and profanity are offensive to our guests. Inconsiderate people are subject to an escort from the park with no refund.
The park staff will only page a guest for an emergency.
Casts are not allowed on any of the slides.

Appropriate Attire

While we're talking about rules, take a look below for attire guidelines:
Nylon swimsuits with liner are recommended.
No thong bathing suits, men’s racing-style bathing suits, regular shorts or long pants are permitted.
Swimwear with buttons, snaps, rivets or zippers are not permitted.
Only water shoes with non-skid soles may be worn on the rides (i.e., no flip-flips, sandals or athletic shoes)
Toddlers are required to wear swim diapers.
Swimwear must be appropriate for our family environment.

Now that you've read the rules about our Lake of the Ozarks waterpark, you can make plans to visit Big Surf this summer! We are open seven days a week (weather permitting) through the summer! It's the perfect way to spend time with your family AND soak up the sun. We look forward to providing you with a fun and safe place for your family to make new memories together!

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