🌞What to Pack When You Visit Big Surf🌞

Are you planning to visit our Lake of the Ozarks waterpark soon? We think you should! With a TON of thrilling rides and ways to relax in the sun, it's the best place for family-friendly fun. Big Surf Waterpark should definitely be on your list of places to visit this summer! Whether you love to soak up the sun or simply LOVE a place to keep the kids entertained all day, the best waterpark at the Lake of the Ozarks is here for you! In case you haven't visited us in a while, we've included a list of things you should bring next time you come out!

Items to Pack for Big Surf:


If you're wanting to get in and enjoy the refreshing water at Big Surf, be sure to bring your swimsuit. Think about the activities you will enjoy as you make your swimwear selections. We have some wild rides for you to enjoy!


The sun's rays can quickly burn your skin. To avoid a painful sunburn, ensure you pack enough sunscreen for your entire family. Sunscreen lotion is the best option when it comes to sun protection. It can coat your skin and offer the best protection from the harmful rays. Don't forget to re-apply regularly!


After your adventures for the day, you will want to be able to dry off with a towel before getting in the car. You may also consider having a spare towel in the car - just in case you need a little extra towel for the ride home!


The concrete surface gets pretty warm in the sun all day. It's important to offer your feet some protection (and relief) by putting a barrier between your skin and the hot surface. Don't forget to bring your flip flops, sandals, or tennis shoes for your feet!

Dry Bag

A bag for all of your belongings is important. If you bring your phone into the waterpark, try to put it somewhere that it won't get wet. A ziplock or dry bag can offer some added protection from the water your phone may come in contact with at the park.


Offer relief and protection for your eyes. While you are on a thrilling ride you may not need them but sunglasses will be helpful while you are relaxing and watching the kids splash around.

Safety Rules to Remember:

  • Listen to the lifeguards
  • Read all safety signs around the park
  • Keep an eye out for little ones
  • Stay well-hydrated
  • Walk around the park - don't run
  • Designate a "home base" for your family to all meet back up

You're now ready to visit our Lake of the Ozarks waterpark! We look forward to providing you and your family with the ideal place to splash around in the water and soak up the sun. If you plan to visit us at least three times this summer, it's not too late to purchase your season pass. Save BIG TIME with a season pass to Big Surf Waterpark! Visit our website to purchase yours today!

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